In recent days, several Nintendo Switch users have mentioned being affected by a security problem on the console . What happens is that they have been notified of unacknowledged logins that put their account-related data at risk. In order for yours to be safe, here are some steps to follow.

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Keep in mind that these are a couple of simple recommendations that we invite you to follow even if you haven’t had any problems with your account. After all, these are steps that will help make them that much safer and never get a nasty surprise.

Change Your Password

While Nintendo is already investigating what happened , the reality is that what caused these problems is still unknown. We insist, the cause is not confirmed, but if it turns out to be a security problem in which passwords were leaked, it is important that you change yours.

Doing so is very easy, since all you have to do is click here , log in with your Nintendo account and choose a new password (try to make it one that you don’t use on another service). Once you do that, your password will have changed and you will no longer have to worry about this.

Of course, keep in mind that changing the password will force you to log back into your Nintendo Switch. Fortunately, it will only take a few moments.

Activate 2-Step Verification

It seems like a small thing, but 2-step verification in a system can help protect your account from hackers who want to access it. This applies to Nintendo accounts and any other online service. This is why we recommend activating it.

To do so you have to follow the following steps:

  • Enter the official Nintendo site
  • Sign in with your Nintendo account
  • Go to the Access and security settings option
  • Go to Two-Step Verification and select change to activate it
  • Download Google Authenticator to your cell phone to activate it.
  • Save the alternative codes that

In this way, every time you want to log in with your Nintendo account, you will have to enter a code that you will find in Google Authenticator. With this, only you will have the opportunity to log in with your account.

With these 2 steps, your Nintendo account should be safe from any possible problems. Keep in mind that these options are also available on other platforms such as Steam, Xbox LIVE, and PlayStation Network, so although they seem to have no problems for now, we recommend following the same steps.